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Financial Planning

We serve individuals and families utilizing holistic financial planning solutions, such as our unique RISK process.

What to expect from our financial planning process

Perhaps you’ve been considering hiring a financial planner for some time, but you’re not sure what to expect from the process or how it all works.

You can use this high-level overview to get a feel for the steps we'll take together in our financial planning program.

The financial planning process at its core is all about enabling you to make smarter decisions that will grow and protect your wealth over time.  The process is also designed to reduce the amount of time you spend second-guessing your decisions or stressing about money so you can use this time with friends and family or pursuing your passions.

True financial planning is not a one-time deliverable.  Learn more about our ongoing commitment to you.

Engage With Us


Define Goals

The first step in building your financial plan is defining your values & goals.  We work with you to categorize your list into must have's like basic living expenses and more aspirational goals like a vacation home.


Get Organized

We gather all of your relevant financial information, documents, and data.  This give us a baseline for your plan and identifies any immediate needs to address.


Define Strategy

We combine your goals, resources, risk tolerance, and other relevant information to map out what we consider to be the optimal strategy to achieve your goals and to live the life that you want.


Plan Implementation

We begin to execute your financial plan and start to make progress. Everything from opening accounts, to re-allocating investments, to engaging with a CPA or estate attorney.  We will provide specific action items and identify who will be responsible for each. 


Monitor, Motivate and Adjust

After meeting 2-3 times during our first year working together, we’ll meet at least 1-2 times annually thereafter to discuss changes in your life, to monitor progress toward goals, to provide coaching and motivation, and to adjust your plan accordingly.