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nsuring that your loved ones are well cared for after you’re gone is a priority, especially for those who have accumulated wealth over the years and want to be sure it is passed on to the next generation in an effective and efficient manner.  At Sterling Financial Partners, we work closely with our clients to find insurance policies that will best serve them and their families. We have extensive expertise in life insurance planning that can help with charitable giving, business succession and estate planning.

As part of our commitment to clients, Sterling Financial Partners works with you to ensure that all of our clients’ insurance needs are met. We serve as relationship managers, connecting you to a variety of insurance, tax and legal professionals.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance pays benefits when the insured is unable to earn a living due to sickness or injury. Like all insurances, disability income insurance is designed to protect against financial disaster.

Most disability policies pay a benefit that replaces some part of the insureds earned income when they are unable to work. The chances of being disabled for longer than three months are far greater than the chances of premature death.

Life expectancy is greater today, because medicine has made many illnesses and injuries less life threatening. This is good news, but it does increase the need to protect your income with disability insurance.

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance (LTCI) is a contractual arrangement that pays a selected dollar amount per day for a selected period of time for skilled, intermediate or custodial care in nursing homes and/or home health care.

Because Medicare and other forms of health insurance do not pay for custodial care, many residents of nursing homes have only three alternatives for paying their nursing home bills: their own assets, Medicaid and long-term care insurance.

Long-term care refers to a range of medical and personal services that provide ongoing care for people with chronic disabilities who have lost the ability to live independently.

The risk of contracting a debilitating illness (and the resulting medical bill) is usually one type of risk best assigned to an insurance company through the purchase of a long-term care insurance policy, a life insurance policy with a long-term care rider, or a hybrid life and long-term care insurance policy.

Fixed Annuities

Fixed Annuities offer clients a fixed guaranteed return and provide for the potential for higher returns based on the interest crediting method. Multi-year guaranteed annuities offer clients a fixed interest rate for a multiple period of years.

Traditional fixed annuities offer clients a guaranteed first year rate of return, a guaranteed minimum rate of return, and a renewal rate each year depending on interest rates.

Annuities can be a part of a solid retirement plan and may be used to provide lifetime income.  Lifetime income components are necessary in order to ensure a retiree’s assets stand the test of longevity.*

*Lifetime income options available for additional fees.

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