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Our ValMark Partnership | Sterling Financial Partners

Our ValMark Partnership

VALMARK Overview

ValMark Securities is a national independent Insurance Agency and broker dealer specializing in risk management products and support services for the nation’s top echelon of wealth advisory firms.

Licensed in 50 states for life insurance and securities, ValMark has over 130 Member Offices (independently-owned) throughout the U.S. ValMark’s corporate offices are located in Akron, Ohio and St. Paul, Minnesota.

The firm serves as an independent insurance buying cooperative for its Member Offices with an estimated $40 billion of in-force life insurance and $12 billion of assets under management with a diverse select group of leading life insurance and investment companies. This combined buying power gives Member Offices preferred access and leverage to negotiate the best arrangements on behalf of their clients.

The quality of the ValMark member firms is among the highest and brightest in the wealth advisory industry.  ValMark’s 100 Member Offices are among the industry’s leading independent Wealth Advisory firms and include a mix of insurance professionals, CPAs, attorneys, investment professionals, financial planners, banks, benefits specialists, and property and casualty firms.

The ValMark Creative Advantage

ValMark, along with its member firms throughout the country have created several unique and proprietary planning-based processes that help clients and their advisors to better understand their present planning situation and create powerful and effective solutions.  Some of the programs created by ValMark include:

R.I.S.K.  – Retirement Income Survival Kit

Climbing to the top of a mountain is considered by many to be one of life’s greatest achievements. However, the real goal of climbing is not simply to reach the top, but to reach the top and return safely. Considering that 80% of climbing accidents occur on the descent, it is this second half of the journey that presents the greatest risk…and requires the most planning.  To view a video on this amazing process CLICK HERE.

The Optimized Portfolio System –  TOPS™

Over the long-term, financial markets tend to reward strategic allocations to a variety of types of investments. For accounts that clients will not need for income or unexpected distributions for long-time horizons, we generally utilize The Optimized Portfolio System™.

The TOPS™ portfolios place emphasis on after-tax capital appreciation and inflation protection over long-time periods by utilizing low-cost, broadly diversified and tax- efficient strategies.

TOPS™ portfolios are passively managed strategies utilizing Exchange-Traded Funds and do not utilize hedging strategies, which can be costly (drag on performance) over the long haul.

Protected TOPS™

A TOPS™ investment with less volatility than the equity markets as a whole. Utilizing a fund-of-funds that invests its assets in exchange-traded funds (“ETF’s”). It also employs exchange-traded futures contracts to hedge market risk and reduce return volatility. The fund restricts investment in fixed income ETF’s to those with an average maturity of 20 years or less and invests primarily in ETF’s with average portfolio credit quality of investment grade.