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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is so much more than simply having or not having a will.  Estate planning should be a continuous planning process done to alleviate the financial impact of your death on those you leave behind.   A well-constructed estate plan helps put order in a legal sense, so those you leave behind can deal with the details of your loss.   The legal community calls this an ‘Orderly Distribution’ of your assets.  But it is much more than just that.

Anyone who owns property (real estate, cars, investments assets, etc), who has dependents, a business or interest in a business would be advised to have an estate plan.  The next question is can you accomplish your goals with simple planning, or is your situation such that a more comprehensive plan is needed.

We at Sterling Financial Partners believe that proper estate and business planning provide the best protection for your family and business both during and after your death.  We also believe that other important documents aid you in the ability to carry your wishes when you may be unable to communicate due to an illness, injury or death.   You will have peace of mind knowing those you love will be properly taken care of.

Your estate plan should be reviewed periodically.  Any significant changes to your financial picture; a marriage, divorce or death of a spouse;  purchase, sale or refinance of a home; new bank or investment accounts;  the birth of a child, adoption, or a marriage including step children should all trigger a comprehensive review of your estate planning documents.

Sterling Financial Partners works with numerous legal professionals in the areas of estate and business planning.  We believe each team member plays an integral role in executing your wishes.  We work together to provide a framework for the solutions to the legal, tax, and financial planning implications each of us must face.

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